The company prepares, sells and delivers high quality firewood. We manufacture fir, pine, ash, birch, black alder, alder, oak and aspen firewood. The firewood is cut to desired length (35-50 cm) and chopped. Chopped and regularly stacked firewood is transported by lorries containing 8 and 12 cubic meters each. We deliver to Vilnius, Širvintos, Vievis and Ukmergė districts, also to Molėtai and Elektrėnai. The firewood is regularly stacked into a lorry (we do not use packages or pallets). We do not export firewood. Nevertheless, if the client takes care of transportation, we can prepare the firewood in advance.

Price of one cubic meter of firewood (dependant on the type):
Ash, oak, Birch (hardwood), Pine and black alder, Fir and alder, Aspen – 105–150 Lt/m3

Additionally, we can adjust the size of chopped firewood:
– Large – 20 cm in diameter log (woodblock) is divided in half.
– Medium – 25 cm in diameter log is divided by four.
– Small – 25 cm in diameter log is divided by six.

We produce firewood by machine, therefore the size and length of it is accurate, there are no strips. We sell firewood in the form of timber (if there is a possibility to approach) on request.